Dry Back Paint Booth

Dry Back Paint Booth

Dry Back Paint Booth Dry Back Paint Booth

Autocoat has designed & developed new series of Dry Back Paint Booth with amazingly low running cost of replacement of filters as well as to meet Pollution norms.

Costly replacement of filters is a big hurdle in Indian industries & management do not like costly filter purchase every month & lot of competitors paint booth lies idle or forced to use with poor performance.

The DRY BACK SPRAY PAINT BOOTH is also called as Low Cost Spray Booth since they are cheaper than compared with Water Type Paint Booth.

These kinds of booths are more popular in painting application with low paint consumption (around 20 ltrs/shift) as well as in laboratory and research and development. As mentioned above Autocoat designed DRY BACK SPRAY BOOTHS are designed with cleanable & removable type metal baffles which arrest most of the paint overspray, thus leaving behind clear and less smoky air towards the exhauster.

What is spray Booth ?

The main advantage in the Metallic Baffled Dry Back Paint Booth is that it can be cleaned by usual cleaning methods and reused as before and also reduces the maintenance cost & reduces filter replacement cost amazingly.

The main disadvantage in the coarse filter Dry Back Paint Booth (by competitors) is that filters cannot be cleaned by usual cleaning methods and reused as before since the filters are to replaced as soon as they are chocked with paint particulate after which no air can passed through & thus heavy filter replacement cost.

 Lab Paint Booth Lab Paint Booth
Dry Paint Booth Dry Paint Booth
Spray Booth India Dry type Spray Booth
Conveyorised Painting Booth Dry Spray Booth
Autocoat New series of Dry Back Paint Booth design incorporates:

  • Specialty 4 level filtration.
  • Suitable for low paint consumption & for PU & Air Drying paint (Non sticky paint).
  • Specialty Metal Baffle design insures filter replacement cost at Amazingly low.
  • Meets pollution norms of Particulate Matter.
  • No ETP Required (Used filters to be given to ETP Agents)
  • Capital cost less than water wash booth.

  • 排列三247组选前后关unlike autocoat dry back paint booth competitors paint booth are often provided with designed with paint filters which chocks more frequently (for chocking of filters can be 1-2 week if paint consumption 20 ltrs. per/shift) and must be replaced to get same performance in the paint booth & if not replace then painter will be uncomfortable & resist carrying on painting production loss

    Why to consider Autocoat?

    In short correctly designed & installed Autocoat Spray Booth fulfils.
  • Complies to OPERATOR SAFETY
  • Achieves FIRE SAFETY
  • Helps to achieve QUALITY OF PAINT FINISH.
  • Will help to reduce recurring cost Amazingly low.

  • dry paint booth are the highest selling products of autocoat engineering , customers from gujarat , maharashtra and all parts of india purchase our this product in large quantities. our company has large sale list in dry paint booth & water paint booths in ahmedabad , naroda , khatraj , sanand ..dry paint booth in vadodara, kalol , halol. due to pollution boards becoming strict dad by day paint booth comes a one point solution for all painting issues. our dry paint booths are also popular in maharashtra & karnataka . dry back paint booth in banglore , hubli , dharwad , dry booth in sri city chennai tada are the commonly used by our clients.

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