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Water wash spray booth

water wash spray booth SPRAY BOOTH

The WATER WASH SPRAY BOOTH provides an extremely efficient means of removing paint particles from the exhausted air by using water as a filtration media; we have designed the WATER WASH SPRAY BOOTH for many finishing applications.

We also offer both pump as well as no-pump versions in open type model, enclosed type model and conveyorised models. Standard WATER WASH SPRAY PAINTING BOOTHS are utilized for high volume paint usage, medium or large sized components and batch processes. >Water Screen Type Water Wash Booth contains special features like water tank or over spray paint collection disposal tank, specially designed eliminators (baffles), saw tooth plates, washing chamber and high pressure exhaust blower. This type of painting booth is more popular where the paint consumption is 10-100 liters/shift , heavy paint consumption, high production and / for any component.

What is spray Booth ?

Working of WATER WASH SPRAY PAINT BOOTH is Autocoat Specialty Designed. When the paint is sprayed on the component the over spray is sucked rapidly by the high pressure centrifugal blower through the saw tooth plate and the eliminator. By generating high tornado action paint waste particles get cut at the saw tooth plate thereby separating the thinner to the exhaust blower and paint waste into the tank. Finer spray Sludge or paint sludge dust is eliminated in the washing chamber. Paint is actually washed in this chamber.

The best advantage of WATER WASH SPRAY BOOTH is that lumps of waste paint are collected in the collection tank thereby helping the user to dispose it easily.

maintenance in this kind of water wash spray booth system booth is very low as compared to the dry back versions.

 water wash spray booth Water Curtain Paint Booth
Water Type Paint Booth Water Curtain Paint Booth
Water Spray Booth Water Spray Booth
Water Spray Paint Booth Water Spray Paint Booth
Autocoat New series of Dry Back Paint Booth design incorporates:

The WATER WASH SPRAY BOOTHS designed and engineered by Autocoat, is available in three kinds of schemes, namely.
  • Standard Water Screen Type Water Wash Booth also known as No-Pump Booth or Pumpless Booth.
  • WATER WASH SPRAY BOOTH DESIGN with water curtain or water screen.
  • Civil Excavated Water wash paint booth.
  • Conveyorised Water wash paint booth etc. Water Wash Spray Booth
  • For high volume paint consumption (more than 100 ltr/shift) Autocoat has developed Auto Paint Sludge Removers, (import substitution) to be used along with Paint Sludge Pit or Paint Sludge Sedimentation Plant. Such Auto Piant Remover will have to be incorporated in new painting plant or in existing painting plant with the modification in civil work & pumping system. System helps to remove online paint sludge removal so that efficiency of painting plant is maintained.

    Paint Booth Cost?

    The Water wash paint booth provides an extremely efficient means of removing paint particles from the exhausted air by using water as a filtration media, have designed the Water wash paint booth for many finishing applications.

    In Autocoat Water wash spray booth, Air from washing chamber containing pain spray particles enters between the entertainment plate and the water surface at high speed. It is then subjected to two rapid changes direction.

    These throw the solid paint particles into the water stream with great force. They are then carried into the base of Washing Chamber with the water for the return to the water tank. Air is exhausted via eliminator plates which remove any entrained water.

    In the Autocoat Water wash spray booth Paint sludge can build up to within a couple of inches of the surface of the water tank without affecting the efficiency of the booth.& hence ideally suitable for any type of paint & any paint consumption is 10-100 liters/shift, as well as for mass production

    Why to consider Autocoat?

    Autocoat Water Curtain Booth is designed with Water curtain with pump for dust free paint shop or for plastic painting.

    lab water booth is selected suitable for if application of different types of paints. same way for large painting plant conveyorised water wash booth with paint sludge removal system is more popular.

    Previously about 6 to 7 years back before the popularity of dry paint booth increased, the most commonly used booth in industries was water wash paint booth or water spray paint booth. Due to low maintenance cost Autocoat supplied many water wash paint booth in Pune , water type paint booth in Chakkan , water wash booth in Aurangabad , nasik etc had been very popular . The best part of using this booth is that the water can be reused again and again with the addition of paint booth additives with out discarding the water .In dry spray paint booths there is a recurring cost of filter replacement , but since water paint booth has low maintenance Most of the large paint booths in Pune & Chakkan , Popularly we have installaed many water paint booth & dry paint booth in Gujarat , Vadodara Gidc , Manjusar ,Makrpura industrial zones. Our paint booths are also in use in Alwar Rajasthan & Jharkhand Tatanagar Jamshedpur.